By Alene Adele Roy

9 awards for Excellence in Literature
First Place - Romance

Sanctuary is a historical novel set in 1865, just after the end of the Civil War, as nanny, Rachael Hathaway, arrives to work for Dr. John Davis and his wife. She soon learns that they enjoy a close circle of devoted family and friends, and is surprised by some secrets at this home place. As the nation rebuilds, she has another mission on her mind, besides giving wonderful care to little Lily Davis, a long-standing, unspoken dream, to drill wells for those in need of water. Yet, that goal has competition when she learns of the desperate need for housing within Velvet Villa Village and the Twelve Ponds Territory.

In this saga of mystery, intrigue, love, friendship, and romance, The Summer Cotillion At Black Woods Castle plays an integral part, as music fills the air, amidst the dilemma of the missing horses, the Spice Dock mystery, and a life-threatening injury plaguing one of their own. Who will win Rachael's heart, as two best friends vie for her love and hand in marriage, or will she return home to Bower Farm and her childhood friend, instead of helping her employer, Captain John, achieve his mission and life-long goal of building the Museum Of Ancients?




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Pond Ghost

Winner! First Place - Young Adult Fiction
Runner-Up - Hollywood Halloween Book Festival
London & Paris Book Festival Awards
Awarded Excellence In Literature

Pond ghosts are discovered at the Hathaway ancestral home. A mysterious and beautiful gold and silver medallion is found, and devoted friendships develop in Magnolia Gardens and at Dragonfly Pond Palace when eight students meet after school at Rachael's Sanctuary. She, fiancé Eddie, and their students face challenges when emergencies arise. The Ice House is broken into, food for the Halloween Harvest Hosting is missing, and Rachael's engagement ring is lost. Notes from an unknown sender, plus, the other ghost, also plague this circle of friends, along with rumors of some unwanted guests soon approaching. Together, Rachael, Eddie, and The Grand Group make decisions and discoveries which will change their future and their lives and those within the community, in a season of surprises and memories to treasure.


Guidings Tidings

Volume Two of the Pond Ghost Trilogy
Winner! Best Book in the Category of Adventure
Beach Book Festival Award - Romance
4 Awards for Excellence In Literature
Fiction Novel, Mystery, Relationships, Young Adult

As if by magic, beautiful and inspiring illuminations appear at Magnolia Manor after the new owner arrives. Will those, an inheritance of 150 family letters, a doll show surprise, Detective Richard Black, family, and friends alter Rachael Hathaway’s plans after she loses her job? Should she become a partner of the detective on a Blue Slough mystery and at the indoor beach party luncheonette? Anonymous notes try to discourage her. Yet ancient lore and artifacts, including a map of family migration, reveal family history and a queen’s realm. Can Rachael help solve the community mystery, prove a family legend existed with the clues found, and restore her Hathaway heritage—Magnolia Gardens wildlife habitat at Dragonfy Pond—in time for the Summer Solstice Cotillion fundraiser in a season of guidings tidings?



A Homeland Dell

Volume Three of the Pond Ghost Trilogy
Winner! Best Book in the Category of Fiction
2 Awards - The Green Book Festival
Including - Winner! Young Adult
3 Awards for Excellence In Literature

As if by magic, miracles abound at Magnolia Gardens, with its Dragon­fly Pond, a place which in ancient times was known as A Homeland Dell. Yet, can two cousins and their ancestor by the same name, an ancient queen, unite, to make a difference in the world? Can they save lives, while solving Blue Slough mysteries? Will Queen Rachael Adele find her missing father, love, and save the pirates?


The three superhero Rachaels miraculously join forces, from an ancient era to a modern one, to help fight hunger, lack of jobs, and save Ancient Orchard. Fortunately, when well-preserved parchments and archaeological treasures are found in Magnolia Manor, revealing ancient ancestry and secrets, we discover the two cousins and queen encouraged their hard-working family and friends with art, artifacts, food, music, reading, writing, social gatherings, and theater. The modern day cousins inspire others to join their fundraising efforts for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and radon monitoring kits, to save lives within Velvet Villa Village, by joining their Team Evergreen, first suggested by Queen Rachael to her clan and villagers centuries ago, and inspire The Grand Group Singers, in a place where laughter, learning, and love prevail, while pond ghost mysteries are solved, in seasons of surprises with miracles and memories to treasure at A Homeland Dell.


Book Title: Sanctuary



• Hollywood Book Award and London Book Award
• Received 6 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards from Five Star Publications in recognition of excellence in literature:

   * First Place for Romance
   * Second Place for Historical Fiction
   * Second Place for The Newbie/First Time Author Award
   * Three Honorable Mentions: Best Cover Design, Best Interior Design, and Young Adult Fiction.

A Homeland Dell, Volume Three of the Pond Ghost Trilogy

Best Book In The Category Of Fiction
3 Awards For Excellence In Literature